Goodbye 2016. Happy 2017!

fly rods

For those who are planning a fishing trip over the break, please stay safe. Recent statistics place middle-aged men at the apex of accidents around water– although often associated with alcohol, so we’re probably a little bit safer.

However, take care, tell someone where you’re going, or better still, go with someone else. Also, don’t forget your EPIRB and snake bandages. My recent camping trip to the Snowy showed me how active the snakes are at this time of year.

Speaking of places to go, my camping trip also showed the general improvement in the waters around the Eucumbene, and in particular, the Yarrangobilly, where a lot of good fish were caught. Of course, the fishing pressure over the break may put paid to any good fishing, but the waters are up and flowing well.

We’ve had a great year, with great guest speakers to our meetings, and an increased turnout for which I’m grateful. Our move to Grandviews has really paid off, and I want to thank the management and staff of the club for allowing us to meet and use their facilities. They have gone out of their way to make us all welcome.

Again, have a great Christmas and New Year, and I’ll see you all at our meeting in February.

John Vernon