A nice day at Thompson’s Creek Dam

Thompson's Creek Dam

As the rivers are soon opening I decided to get some practice at this pristine lake. This was the first decent day in a long time.
On my walk up to the water I bumped into two guys coming the other way as they had finished for the day. I was starting, they were finishing. I keep gentlemanly hours these days!
It turns out one guy was our Martin Mednis who recognized me as a Lakeside member. We chatted for a while and I continued up to water.
Conditions were very good with a bit of a breeze. On the water there were no rises and I reluctantly tried some wets and nymphs.
Then I noticed a few rises. Most were fairly serious slashes, but try as I might I could not tempt a take.
Soon it was time to go (to feed the chooks etc). Heading back, I noticed a more serious swirl type rise. I could not resist a last go, and cast my small dry fly in the location. Immediately a serious swirl type rise hit my fly. A slow deliberate setting and STRIKE!

Rainbow trout at Thompson's Creek Dam
A fat rainbow hen

After long and trying battle, a fat 3.5 to 4lb rainbow hen was landed.

Can’t wait for rivers to open, the weather to behave and many good days!

Billy T